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Investing in Fusion

Fusion is the path to a sustainable high-energy civilization.

Read our whitepaper.

We fund the most promising fusion energy projects.

Our investments are based on the fundamentals of Lawson's Triple Product Criterion.
Fusion Fact 01
There are more than 30+ investable private  fusion ventures.
Fusion Fact 02
Fusion energy could be a $40 Trillion industry (Bloomberg).
Fusion Fact 03
Fusion companies are subsidized by the Department of Energy's ARPA-E.
Fusion Fact 04
Fusion is a zero-carbon source of renewable clean energy. There are no meltdowns.
Fusion Fact 05
Fusion energy is high-output and could completely replace all other main grid inputs.
Fusion Fact 06
Private fusion companies are faster and more efficient than government  fusion projects.
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